Winter time , the time of the year to spend time on the beach!

Best pictures are made with blue fingers

How you can find me in the wild...

How you can find me in the wild...

Winter is the time of the year to encounter nature at it's purest. 

Out of the reach of regular tourists, the finest spots mother nature has reserved for us are available to indulge on the sensor of our Canons. 

For the photographer in me and my equipment, this season is always a challenge. Salt water attacks my gear and my frozen face. A picture is taken between two extensive cleaning sessions, as the wild water stains my lens continuously. Clean, Clean, Clean! 


Being a landscape photographer, means you need to invest badly in awesome rubber boots, green gloves and funny woolen headgear.

A good tripot is mandatory to keep your balance when sitting on rocks :)

When my fingertips turn blue and the cold is all over me, the most beautiful light purs out... golden hour! Baffled, stunned by the beauty of nature, I push the limits of my Canon, in search of beauty.

The day ends typically with wet feet, empty batteries, empty stomachs, dirty gear, and a looong drive home, cruising in 6th gear.

Yes, landscape photography is like real-estate, location, location, location ;)